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General Engineering

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Specialised MAchine Building

The company has been building an outstanding reputation by providing professional design services for a wide variety of projects.

These projects have been completed with respect to all types of precision engineering. We offer our own unique blend of attention paid to customer service, detail and a hands-on approach. We strive for complete customer satisfaction in all aspects of our business.

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Tube Feeder 

Our company was founded on the premise that we would provide exceptional service for any project while working within established budgets and schedules. We demand excellence and work closely with the client to complete the project. Our success is based on making it easy for the client to bring a project from the initial concept to full completion. We are confident, should you involve us in your current or future project, that you will be very satisfied with the end result. We follow a structured approach when engaging in any project. These are broken down into the following stages. 


Customer Requirements:  Meeting with the customer to discuss at a high level the scope of the project including timelines and business needs. 


Concept & Initial Design: A brainstorm and look at all options based on customers' feedback and requirements. The core specifications such as size of machine, cycle time needed, noise, pneumatics and maintenance are planned out.  A proof of concept drawing is drafted up using the latest Solid Works  and discussed with the customer in detail. At this point the drawing will change as the design phase progresses.


Budget & Lead time: The initial budget is discussed along with estimated lead time for machine components.​


Machine Specification: The customer signs off on a detailed document detailing machine specification and final drawings.


Project Commencement: After receipt of a purchase order, the project will be assigned a project manager and weekly updates on progress will be communicated to the customer. 


Assembly & Testing: After build completion follows the assembly of all parts and where functional testing is performed. We will then run sample parts on a machine and fault find any problems. The customer is encouraged to visit at this stage of the process.


Delivery & After Sales Support Including Spare Parts & Training: We will deliver the parts nationwide and provide quality after sales support to ensure that you have peace of mind going forward. The examples below show some of the projects that have been completed to date. Both of these machines have full CE certification.

Semi Automated Fill And Cap Machine march 

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