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CNC Wire erosion:

CNC wire erosion or EDM (Electronic Discharge Machine) works on the principle of spark generation and metal removed by spark erosion. It is a very accurate process which uses a wire strand to cut through the material. While also being highly accurate wire erosion is also cost effective. Detailed shapes and designs can be made from quite difficult materials making it even more useful. The benefits of using wire erosion include being useful on harder materials while keeping accuracy and size.  


Check out this interview from MTDCNC, during their recent visit to N&E Precision.

"With only 3 days of training to get going, the switch from milling to EDM brought improved speed, better surface finish, and less cuts to achieve crazy tolerances on different parts. Because of a multi part system, N&E are now running 24/7, as the machine finishes one job and goes to the next to deliver complete parts overnight!"

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